Presentation and poster guidelines


  • The time allocated for each speaker is 20 minutes, so the talk should take approximately 15 minutes and 5 minutes should be allocated for questions.
  • There is no limit on the number of slides in your presentation – the only limitation is time. However, a good practice is to keep the pace of the talk with about one slide per minute.
  • The authors participating in-person in the conference should have their presentations ready before the session, where the talk will be given.
  • Please deliver your presentation directly to the technician before your session.


  • The instruction will be provided at a later date


  • When preparing a poster, presenters should have in mind the objective of capturing the interest of attendees to the work that is being presented. Use an appropriate font size allowing posters to be readable by delegates from 2 m away.
  • Posters should be constructed in portrait layout to a maximum size of 85 cm (width) x 120 cm (height). The optimal size is A0 (A0 prints measure is 841mm x 1189mm). The poster board is fitted to hold a poster of an A0 format. We strongly encourage you to provide a poster of this size and not multiple A3 or A4 individual sheets to fit within A0 size.
  • Posters should be set-up the day you are presenting around the morning coffee break. Be aware that the local organization may be able to assist you with the appropriate material. Posters should be set-up on the poster board using only dual-face sticking tape or similar tool supplied by the local organization. Staples, pins, screws or any abrasive or perforating hardware are not permitted. Do not write or paint on the poster boards.
  • Posters should be removed from the boards by the end of the day (6 pm at the latest). If not, they will be removed.
  • Please also send your poster as a PDF file to
      • It will be published on the “Posters” password protected webpage to be seen by the on-line participants.
      • Confirm your e-mail address that will be published on the “Posters” webpage in case of any questions from on-line participants.
      • We strongly recommend to record a-few-minutes-speech about your poster to be published on the “Posters” website.
      • Please deliver all these materials to no later than 07.09.2022
      • The upload of the posters could be made via cloud services File Mail [the receiver’s address should be:].


  • The instruction will be provided at a later date


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