Instructions for authors

Dear Authors,

You are welcome to submit papers on any of the conference topics, prepared for MIKON-2022 or IRS-2022 according to the following guidelines.

  • All papers must be written in English.
  • Submitted manuscript (in pdf format) should be camera ready and compliant with the general standards of the IEEE (IEEE templates Microsoft Word A4 or LaTeX).
  • Noncompliant manuscripts will not be considered for review.
  • Recommended length: see the recommendation for each conference below.


We recommend all Authors to use the standard IEEE conference proceedings A4 format template from IEEE TEMPLATES for review papers, as the same format is MANDATORY for the final paper.

Microsoft Word Template

While using MS Word template make sure to DELETE the footer (XXX-X-XXXX-XXXX-X/XX/$XX.00 ©20XX IEEE) before submitting the paper.

You can also use the modified template –> DOWNLOAD MS Word Template for MRW2022

Informations for Authors submitting to MIKON-2022

To submit the paper go to EDAS MIKON-2022 page and select register and submit your paper.

  • Recommended length of the paper is 3 – 6 A4 pages.
  • Extended abstract of 2 full pages long is allowed for authors who declare to extend their conference paper and submit it for Special Issue (see below).


Authors of the papers submitted to MIKON-2022 conference are invited to write an extended postconference paper to be published in a Special Issue of:

  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • MDPI Sensors

Please note that the topic of the paper MUST be within the scopes of the journal (in particular, IEEE T-MTT expects that the submission are not on pure antenna topic). Also, the expanded version requires that the new technical content includes a more in-depth treatment, new results beyond the MIKON-2022 paper, or both. Every paper will be reviewed in the same manner as all other regular submissions to this publication. Therefore, authors of papers presented at the MIKON-2022 are invited to submit a substantially expanded version of their papers to the Special Issue.

Please be aware that your contribution should be prepared as any other regular paper in IEEE T-MTT or MDPI Sensors, and that it will be evaluated via the same peer-review process. The quality of your contribution must meet the level required for a publication in the corresponding journal.

Informations for Authors submitting to IRS-2022

To submit the paper go to EDAS IRS-2022 page and select register and submit your paper.

Paper submission deadline 14.04.2022

  • Recommended length of the review paper: 3 – 6 A4 pages.
  • Minimum review paper length: 2 pages

If you plan to extend your IRS paper (after the conference) to a separate full-length publication in a journal, please answer “YES” to the “SHORT PAPER” question when registering the paper. This will inform reviewers of your intent. Note, however, that the IRS submission should anyway be a complete, standalone paper, allowing the reviewers to assess its value.

Authors of the papers submitted to IRS-2022 will be invited to submit a post-conference publication to a Special Issues of selected journals, MDPI Sensors among others.