WiRan Sp. z o.o.

WiRan is a B2B company providing R&D as a Service to and international clients in the sectors space, maritime, railway, industrial and IoT (LoRa, LoRaWan, NB-IoT and LTE-M). The company is a hardware design office, it has a proven track-record of RF technology solutions, telemetry expertise and EMC testing and serving European and American clients. From its very beginning, the company can be classified as a Knowledge-Intensive Business Service (KIBS) and it has an important role in the Knowledge-Based Economy. WiRan operates measurement and test laboratories in the Tricity metropolitan area with sophisticated test equipment, including a Faraday cage and a climatic chamber.
Its expertise lies in Radio Frequency and Wireless technologies, the development of electronic parts, fast product prototyping, feasibility studies and EMC testing. WiRan is a HW design office, supporting a diverse and international client-base from the conception to prototyping to product quality delivery of electronic devices. Design solutions are for space (satellite communication modules), mounted around Tricity for citizens (air quality measuring systems), as WiFi solutions on trains and in form of antenna solutions used by vessels. 20 years of experience of WiRan engineers in the areas of telemetry and RF technologies ensure credibility and dependability of the performed measurements.
The company history begins in 2002, when WiRan closely cooperated with the American companies MicroLab and Microwaves R&D, prototyping and manufacturing diplexers, triplexers, microwave dividers and directional couplers. In next years the company has expanded collaboration with companies from Germany (i.e Spinner GmbH) in the field of tuning and testing high power TV filters and from Sweden (Avitec AB / now part of Cobham Wireless) in the field of tuning, testing and repair of repeaters as well as production of directional couplers and microwave dividers. In 2011 WiRan become an importer of microwave components from the USA and Asia. Two years later the company’s lab and office space have moved to a new location, within Tricity, in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia (PPNT Gdynia).
Since 2014 WiRan performs reconfiguration services for European key accounts like T-Mobile, Orange, and Nokia operator laboratories and since 2015 the company successfully delivers results of its projects to clients in the military and railway market. In 2017 WiRan started operating ELAB at PPNT Gdynia, which is well equipped RF/MW test laboratory. In 2019 company has launched first products from its own IoT product line (SEZO), positioned in the market as telemetry equipment. At the 2019 European Microwave Conference in Central Europe (EuMCE), WiRan presents diplexers applications with focus on its Space business. In 2020 a three-year project has been launched which will result in the low orbit four radio system components in cooperation with ESA in antennas and diplexers projects for S-band and X-band.
The SEZO developed a smart helmet device that offers 3D tracking and helps managing safety problems in hazardous work environments. It provides enhanced notification and reaction features and thus establishes new working standards. The company started developing few years ago its own line of RF/IoT embedded modules including RF attenuators, amplifiers, switches and LoRaWAN-based sensor devices with multiple sensors on board (humidity, temperature, proximity, motion, ambient light). Biosensors are another examples that rely on LTE-M as network technology and benefit from advantages like long battery life and lower module costs while providing fast data throughput and good indoor coverage. The LoRaWAN IoT network was launched by company in August 2016.
WiRan ELAB performs accurate and comprehensive measurements of low and high frequency electronics. Advanced infrastructure of a Faraday cage and climatic chamber allows to simulate specific test and operation environments. In modern, in-house laboratory the company offers EMC measurements in line with European standards which ensure and optimize the quality of your products. WiRan CleanRoom meets ISO 14644-1 class 7 standard for production of space qualified electronics components in clean conditions .